I Need REST (APIs)

I’ve found a few sites over the last few months that are fast and reliable when all I need is an endpoint of any ol’ data to practice AJAX and dynamic data loading. Several sites will return fake JSON data, however, some of the sample sets can return so much data that the browser can’t handle it. The following sites allow for the four main operations, GET, POST, PATCH and DELETE (or Create, Read, Update, Delete/Destroy).

JSONPlaceHolder – this site is good if you’re trying to simulate a blog with comments. It can take a while for the response to come back but it’s been reliable.

ReqRes – All your basic CRUD operations but the data it returns is smaller. Good for user stores (and Pantone color sets).

Unfortunately those seem to be the only two that are geared toward this need. Two is a lot better than none, though.

When I worked on the Seattle Gun Violence Data Tracker we used data.seattle.gov which is part of a larger civic data project.

I found this amazing resource while searching for “sample REST API”: Public API Repo It doesn’t look like any of the APIs included will let users test all four of the core methods. But, this is the sort of site that will be useful for Python students the next time we get to the BeautifulSoup/data scraping section of class.

I Need REST (APIs)