Fixing Pinterest’s Pin Builder

I’m trying to get my kitchen and dining room remodeled. The designer wants me to save ideas to Pinterest. Sure, no proble…. wait, what’s this?

I’m trying to save an image to my board as a new pin. That worked last week. Tonight, all it will let me do is add an image from my computer. But the ‘Save From Site’ button is still there. Clearly something is amiss…

So I fixed it. Locally anyway. It looks like someone moved the input field outside of the parent div and that made the input think it had ALL the vertical room, instead of sharing with the button.

I made a board with screenshots, here:

If you know how to contact customer support at Pinterest, or have an email to a dev on this team, let me know. It probably should be triaged as a blocking bug as it’s a regression and there’s not a workaround… but it’s an easy hotfix.

Fixing Pinterest’s Pin Builder