Ready for Winter?!

We don’t usually lose power at our house beyond a flicker. Which is why it’s odd that we’ve lost power twice in the last eight days. We had a friend over who was amazed by our collection of flashlights and gadgets that we take camping with us, that are obviously ready to double as gear for a night without the lights. Here we go:

These inflatable lanterns are super cool. Not only do they provide a good amount of light to the sides, we often use them as flashlights if we’re just walking around camp.

Speaking of lanterns, this Goal Zero unit is amazing. They put a lot of functionality into it and the battery holds a charge for a long time. We haven’t tested but I suspect we would get well over 12 hours from the single light on Turbo (which is overkill).

Does anyone remember those lantern battery flashlights? They were really heavy and had a beam we were sure could be seen from space. My obsession with bright flashlights continues:

900 Lumens:
1300 Lumens:

More so when we’re camping or out for an evening walk, we like to have our hands free.

Black Diamond Storm:

Petzl Tikkina: 
The Petzl I have is different from this unit and is also not super bright. But that makes it useful when we’re just around camp or the house during an outage. It -is- possible for a flashlight to be too bright.

Speaking of going for an evening stroll, we like to have a light on the back of our heads as well. One time a driver slowed down to thank us for wearing red flashers (and reflective stripes!). I can’t find the units we use, but these are close:

The last on my list is definitely a “gadget”. I kickstarted these and I’m mixed. Having a flashlight and firestarter combo is a great idea. Unfortunately I couldn’t ever get anything to light using the plasma lighter. Granted I live in Seattle and everything is slightly damp when we go camping, so every lighter has issues. The mini is great for just carrying around and the light is decent. The Sparkr light is really good and the end cap can go over the light to make it sort of a lantern; if nothing else it’s nice to be able to hang it from things.


So that’s how we keep things lit around the house. We do use some candles (because we have them) but all of the above have seen us through long, dark nights whether at home or in the woods. I just got my BioLite headlamp today (as a Yule present) and I’ll probably do a review of it as I get a chance to use it.

Ready for Winter?!